Four Things to Consider When Buying a Luxury Watch For Her

When you want to buy something nice and valuable for the woman in your life, a luxury watch is always a great option. Don’t worry about whether or not she already has a wristwatch as watch collecting is a common and popular hobby.

If you are looking to find the best luxury gifts for her, she might have watches that are cheap and serve multiple purposes, but a luxury watch can be a piece that she can cherish for as long as possible. From Rolex to Citizen to everything in between, there are a lot of things to consider when buying your lady a fine watch. It requires a lot of research, thorough planning, and of course, a substantial budget in order to not only purchase the watch, but keep it running for years and years.

Here are five important things to consider as you shop for a luxury watch for your wife or girlfriend.

1. Purpose For Wearing

If you find that a luxury watch is the best thing to buy when you find the best luxury gifts for her, the first thing that you want to establish is what style the watch should be in. What watches does your lady already own? If she has a watch that she wears for formal occasions and another watch she wears for everyday occasions, perhaps she would also appreciate one for fitness and travel occasions. These are the three most common occasions to be wearing a watch.

2. Watch Designer or Brand

When considering a designer or brand that you would like to purchase from, there are two important things to consider besides the style and appearance of the watch itself.

The first thing is the watch’s resale value, and the second is the value of the brand. If the resale value of your watch is sure to go up over time due to the brand name, it makes sense to purchase the watch while it is new, before it becomes a true collector’s item over time. Over time, watches become rare and increase in value. If you happen to buy a watch that is popular, the value of the watch will rise over the course of several years.

You may not be able to find out which watches will be more popular than others by reading a certain chart or article online, but talk to your jeweler about whether or not the watch you are considering for your lady is a sound investment to buy.

3. Watch Condition

Since luxury watches are genuine pieces that are built to last a very long time, it makes better sense for many shoppers to buy watches that are brand new, rather than pre-owned or used. Of course, it also makes sense to buy a watch that is new if you are buying it for somebody else, but there is also appeal to be found with vintage or rare watches as well.

4. Services That Come With the Watch

Many people commonly compare buying a luxury watch to buying a car that is brand new. There are also services that come with a watch just as there are that come with an automobile. Just like a car, a luxury watch will require maintenance from time to time. If you are buying a luxury watch locally, ask if any purchases include watch repairs, otherwise it would have to be sent to the watchmaker for these problems with your lady’s watch to be fixed. These on-site services tend to cost additional fees, so keep this in mind when setting a budget.

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